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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Master Franchising – A Lucrative Business Option For Entrepreneurs

Do you know why McDonald's is successful in the franchising industry? Well it is due to the support of their master franchisors. Master Franchising allows people or corporations to purchase the rights a particular brand to open new franchise outlets within a certain territory. In fact master franchising trends is getting popular day by day and is a good option for business owners who wish to increase their visibility in a different country. One successful example of master franchising is McDonalds.

A master franchisee has all the rights and obligations of a franchisor. This means that the master franchisee is responsible for checking out the possibilities of a local market, franchisee recruitment and training, initial and ongoing franchisee support and quality control.

How master franchising works:

A master franchisee has the authority to offer aspiring entrepreneurs to open franchise outlets within a specific territory. The master franchisee has purchased the franchising authority for a specific territory from the franchisor and shares in the revenue from franchises within that territory. The master franchisee is responsible for recruiting and training other franchisees and needs to offer ongoing support for making the brand successful.

Key Advantages:

• Master franchisee gets the opportunity to partake in a successful business concept.
• In addition, master franchisee receives support and expertise from the franchisor.
• Master franchising opportunities have more extensive growth potential as compared to a traditional franchise opportunity.
• Here the franchisee gets to earn more income. He enjoys a share of the up-front fees along with the ongoing royalties that individual franchisees pay.

Even though master franchising trends is getting popular and helps in rapid growth of a business, not every franchisor offers master franchising opportunities. However, there are many top franchise companies in the world that offer master franchising. If you are interested in master franchising just be sure to buy into a proven franchise system.


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