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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Retail Industry Flourishing At Airports

With modernization and an ever-rising volume of passenger traffic, airports have become a popular destination for many premium retail brands. So what does this mean to modern retailers or aspiring entrepreneurs?

The sparkling and swanky new airports can be the new destination for aspiring retailers to start their retail store business. In fact, there are many airports that have a retail area larger than most malls. Airports offer an environment that can be termed as more suitable for showcasing products of premium brands.

As more and more prefer to fly to reach their destinations, the expected footfalls are no doubt, very huge. What's more important is that it's a captive destination for retailers to sell their products here. Airports can be a great option for retailers dealing with liquor, personal care and cosmetics, books and magazines, gift items, food and beverages, apparel and accessories.

Here retailers can enjoy brand exposure on an international stage and a defined and growing customer base. Here not just impulse purchases, but a lot of destination purchases are also happening at airport retail stores. All these make airport retailing distinctly different to retailing in other environments.

There are many new airports that are coming up new retailing concepts that are more aligned to passenger traffic and usher in better ambiance and stop factor to start retail business here.

Airport retailing is picking up pace and is expected to be a fast-growing segment going forward. So, if you want to start retail business to enjoy good profit margin then opening a retail store at airport is a good decision.


Anonymous said...

Hey Teresa here,
I like what I read here, it's very informative. Retail business really is trending, and Airports are great place for entrepreneurs to start up their business. But knowing the right products to sell in a certain place is very important for a retail business to be a success.

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