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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Effects of Social Networking Sites on Franchising

Social media, the new-age tool in advertising is considered as one of the best marketing strategies to establish a new brand or boost the sales of an established brand. This unique but popular marketing technique is used today widely in the franchising industry. No matter how big a franchising business might be, proper advertising and marketing strategies are must to make the target audience aware about its existence.

Today it’s a digital world and everyone from business owners, manufacturers, dealers and even the customers use social networking sites to keep themselves well informed and promote their business. Here social networking sites are the best medium to improve the popularity and visibility of a franchise business.

Following are some ideas before you jump into the social networking sites for business purpose:

• Find out what forms of social networking sites your clients or customers use. The most popular are Facebook and Twitter.
• Join the groups and follow them from whom your business could be benefited from.
• While posting or updating on social networking sites try to be creative with new ideas so that it can keep the readers engage.

Here are some tips when maintaining your business account on social networking sites. First always answer the queries put forward by your followers or those who are in the friend list. Also be prepared to speak with customers and make them understand your business. Next keep the content original and speak in an easy language and whenever possible showcase and highlight the USP of your business.

Most of the social networking sites are free and thus they are the most cost effective way of advertising. However, to get the best result out of the promotional campaigns of a franchise business is carried out in social networking sites, professional quality is extremely crucial. The more the audience connects with your franchise business, the more they will want to buy your franchise. You will be amazed to find the number of customers’ social media brings in to your franchise business.


Aaron Siddle said...

Now a days there are many franchises that uses social media as branding name marketing plan. Franchises considered as the visionary and social media is the platform through which this visionary can be push.

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