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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Learn SME Marketing Tips At Decoding Marketing 2.0

For any small and medium scale enterprise, “Business is Marketing” as proper marketing strategy primarily drive sales for the business. Due to the ever changing market scenario and heavy competition, even the robust marketing plan doesn’t generate the expected return on investment. Keeping in mind the problem faced by aspiring small business owners, Decoding Marketing 2.0, a business marketing conference is being organized.

This two day conference is mainly focused at combining abstract methods of marketing that can be helping in current marketing situation to improve sales. Decoding Marketing 2.0 is a unique platform where industry experts and small business owners can discuss about emerging business marketing concepts and latest trends in marketing and their impact on the growth of any established or upcoming small business. The business marketing conference will be attended by India's leading business experts in marketing, branding, Public Relations and media.

This is one such conference that can immensely help small business owners based in India. Starting a small business is easy but the main task is to market it properly. “Business is marketing” and thus if you are not able to market your business properly, your target audience will not be aware of your existence. This is why having the knowledge of latest marketing trends and strategies are must if you want to make your business successful.

Attend the Decoding Marketing 2.0 conference and find out what business strategies are followed by business tycoons. Here attendees also get to know about emerging business trends that needs to be followed. As here industry experts will be sharing their insights and help you understand business marketing strategies in an easy way.

It’s time for small business owners to book their seats for Decoding Marketing 2.0, a small business marketing conference and get ready to know how to market your small business successfully.


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